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Ancient Cultures

  Ancient Creation Myths. Did Genesis Borrow From Pagan Myths?
  Greek Religious Beliefs. Agrapta Theon Nomima ("The Unwritten Laws of the Gods") in Sophocles' Antigone 450-457 and Oedipus Tyrannus 863-872 (PDF)
  Roman Beliefs about their own Background. The Trojan Origin Theme in Book One of Virgil's Aeneid (PDF)

Ancient Customs

  Divorce Divorce and Remarriage in Ancient Times.
  Jewish Burial Customs The Jesus Family Tomb
  Roman Burial Practices. The Translation of Catullus’ Carmen 101 (PDF)

Ancient Politics

  Political Bias. Elements of Bias in Polybius' Treatment of the First and Second Punic Wars (PDF)


  Egyptian. The Seed of Israel
  Israelite. The Seal of Baruch: Jeremiah's Scribe


  Greek Coin-making. Greek Coins in the Wilcox Classical Museum at the University of Kansas (PDF)


  Biblical Geopgraphy. Bible Events: The Iraqi Battlefield
  Did Israel Cross the Sea of Reeds?
  The Modern Dead Sea and Genesis Fourteen


  Biblical Textual Criticism. New Testament Manuscripts from the First Century


  Biblical Doctrine. "In the Beginning Was the Word" : A Study of the Logos Doctrine
  Greek Beliefs about the Soul. Psyche and Daimon in the Fragments of Heraclitis

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